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UK Made

Do you need some popout banners (also called pop up banners, toblerone banners, kidney-shaped banners or A frame banners) for your events this summer?  Our banners are made in the UK, how many other manufacturers of popout banners can say that?  There are lost of benefits of purchasing direct from the manufacturer. Firstly price, Nuwave Display’s popout banners are very competitively priced. Secondly quality, we can offer top quality popout banners and offer a 2 year guarantee on all hardware. Thirdly, because the banners are made in the UK we can offer a fast turnaround time.  

The Nuwave Collection

There are so many instances in day to day business where portable branding is required.  Branding may be needed for a one off event, an external display, an indoor exhibition trade stand or to create a high impact entrance for an awards ceremony.  Whatever products you need to brand your event, Nuwave Display can supply you with expert help and advice in sourcing and supplying the right products for you.  The Nuwave team can assist with design, where necessary, to ensure you achieve a cost-effective and eye-catching result.

Products from the Nuwave collection can help you...

...increase your brand awareness.  Your banners and flags will be supplied complete with your company logo or message to ensure the high impact promotion of your products and services.
...improve visibility at a busy exhibition or trade fair, by using brightly coloured branding.  This will draw attention to your company and help you to ‘stand out from the crowd’.
...become the focal point of an event.  By naturally drawing attention to your exhibition stand or display, with high impact branding, this provides your sales staff with the perfect opportunity to talk to potential clients.

Nuwave Display has an extensive collection of both indoor and outdoor signage, all of which can increase brand awareness, improve your brand’s visibility and make your company the focal point of any event.  Our Popout banners (sometimes called pop up banners or toblerone banners) and flags are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, but especially for outdoor use as they can withstand wind and rain.  They are available in a number of sizes and shapes: horizontal, vertical, circular and rectangular, offering you the opportunity to choose the most suitable shaped banner for your particular application, logo and/or message.

All our Popout banners are exceptionally lightweight and are supplied complete with carry case, making them easy to use and makes putting them up only a ‘one-man’ job, saving valuable time and money.  The securing pegs ensure they stay in place in even the most adverse weather conditions, a must for a successful outdoor event.

Our high visibility flags are available in a range of shapes and sizes, to offer you the opportunity to choose what will best suit your logo and branding and create a professional company image.  Our flags include the teardrop, the windchaser and feather, as well as the traditional ‘hoisted’ style of flag.

Even though we offer a complete range of fabric flags and banners, there is still a place in the signage marketplace for the more traditional pvc banners (sometimes referred to as vinyl banners) to cost-effectively promote an event.  If need be we can design your vinyl banner for you, all you have to do is ask!

Our exhibition gazebos are custom made from high quality aluminium and polyester, giving a very durable product that not only looks good, but will also withstand the rigours of regular use.  There are many options with the gazebo: wall panels with a window, a door or high quality printing.  The roof panels may all be printed as can the pelmets, overall the gazebo offers exceptional versatility and the option to promote your company or product as well as offering shelter in adverse weather!

For primarily indoor use, the Nuwave collection includes roller banners (sometimes referred to as pull-up banners), the Pegasus backdrop, and the versatile Twist banner with its multitude of configurations.  The roller banners are available in the more substantial ‘Business Class’ model or the economy model, both with high quality printing to your instructions.  Where needed, we can also supply a double-sided roller banner, double the impact!

The new Pegasus is a large printed fabric, up to 2.4m x 2.4m, within a lightweight extendable frame and is particularly suitable for creating a portable, easy to use, yet high impact presentation backdrop.  With the ever increasing need to promote sponsor’s logos, the Pegasus is an ideal vehicle to keep your event sponsor happy!

Aimed primarily at the exhibition and conference sectors, the Twist banner can create seamless graphics over a number of panels with the use of joining flexilinks.  This not only ensures taut, perfectly aligned graphics, it also allows you to create and recreate virtually any stand or display configuration you may require.  The end result being a high impact, very professional, reusable and portable, exhibition display.